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La Poese Rose

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An aromatic and elegant, classic Rose. This wine has collected the tenderness and richness of the grape variety “Merlot”, the warmth and shine of the Southern Sun and the magic and natural pureness of the very end of the Bulgarian South West.

Vinification: Created out of the juice of well ripened selected grapes of the sort “Merlot” with controlled parameters. Maceration with the hard particles - 6 hours. Fermentation of the purified juice in inox containers at the temperature of 14 - 16 °C - 45 days. Batonage. Aged in bottles before realization for 1 month.

Origin: The Melnik Region

Vintage:: 2013

Grape variety: Merlot

Tasting notes: The color is pink with a brilliant shine and hues of ripened raspberries It has a gentle, fine, rich and attractive flavor, a symphony of scents is built of the scents of ripened strawberries, black cherries, with hints of a raspberries and violets. Very fruity, tender, delicate strawberry-raspberry taste with an attractive light sweetness of a ripened fruit and mysterious freshness. Exclusively long finale with an aggressive but soft and tender aftertaste.

Serving temperature: 9-12 °С

Alcohol content:: 14,5%

Recommended foods to consume with: Spicy summer dishes, salmon, dessert accompaniment or by itself.


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