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Savalan Syrah

€ 18,95 (inclusief btw 21%)

Red with ruby tints, delightfully dry, produced with special Italian production techniques giving a rich wine typical for this grape piquant taste of cherry, blackberry and spice. Complete and smooth structure. From sun of Savalan Valley located in the foothills of the Great Caucuses. Recommended for game and red meats, serve between 17 and 18˚C.

Geographical production area: Vineyards in the Savalan Valley, 40 km from the Qabala City, North-East of Azerbaijan. 
Terrain: Deep, mixed, principally clayey, South-East exposition, in a well ventilated, sunny area in the foothills of the great Caucasus mountains 
Altitude: Hillside soil, 400 meters above sea level. 
Cultivation system: Vertical espalier structure with short double guyot. 
Varieties: 100% of Syrah. 
Harvest: Grape handpicked and manually selected. 
Vinification and alcholic fermentation: Red, maceration and fermentation with skins for 7 days, with a use of selection yeast, at the temperature of 25°C maximum. 
Elevage: In Italian big barrels. 
Serving temperature: 17-18°C

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